Saturday, July 17, 2010

Art best served with a bit of Lemon

The Youngstown art scene took another step up and in the right direction. The Lemon Grove in downtown Youngstown introduced us(a full house) to their new gallery space with a great show curated and including work by Jimmy Hagan, along with work by James Pernotto, Leslie Cusano and a few other talents whose names escape me and I do apologize to you all. The work was wonderfully exhibited and the atmosphere was electric. Heard from a reliable source today that eight pieces were sold last night, bravo art lovers! Onward and upward Youngstown! Great job by Jacob and everyone at the Lemon Grove for putting on a great event.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Another great race to enjoy in three great locations throughout the area finsihed up with a great finishing criterium in downtown Youngstown. What a great backdrop to photograph a very exciting sport. Those who know me know I photographed sportscar racing for a long time and still do on occasion but this bicylce racing gives me that same rush, that same challenge to capture the color, the emotion and the riders. too fun! Another nice surprise for me seeing lots of people with cameras! This event is a photographers playground:)

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