Sunday, October 24, 2010

Youngstowns own Little Steel Derby Girls a win for everybody!

Youngstowns first and only flat track roller derby team, The Little Steel Derby Girls held their first bout on home turf or should I say hardwood Sat. night at Youngstown Skate in Boardman. The result was a win for everyone! Not only did they show the Derby Vixens who traveled from Lansing, Mich. how we do it here in the YO. But both teams put on a fantastic show and a packed house enjoyed a great evening.

"BETTY BOUT IT" Celebrates a victory!

This ain't no sport for girly girls either, there was some serious
hittin goin on!

Its becoming a rule that I get at least one shot of Betty putting on a show!

You got to love the fashion at a derby bout!

The Renfields added to a great show!

Thanks Ladies for a great night of Derby action!
Derby love!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Setting the Standard" The ROADHOUNDS CAR CLUBS Annual car show: THE DOUNUT JAMBOREE Rocks on!!

The ROADHOUNDS Car Club as stated here before is unlike most car clubs. What sets them apart you may ask, well they are just too F'N COOL that's why! They held their third annual car show Sunday and it was another award winner!!!! Yeah the awards kicked butt . . .again! True works of art! If you spend your summer going to a few car shows you may have your fun and see some cool cars but you don't get the feel that the ROADHOUNDS create. A real sense of a simpler time, when life wasn't so hectic and crazy fast-paced. Wait, don't let me over analyze this. These people just put together a great show Always for a great cause and do it with the coolest bit of style you have to see,feel and witness for your self! Like I told a few people Sunday the west coast car scene ain't got shit on the ROADHOUNDS! Once again I left there wanting to find me a panel truck or something to haul my artwork around and ask them damn ROADHOUNDS to help me "hound it up"
They are a special group of people even Jeff's( I think) Wife who put an end to the burnout session as people left, She knows whats right, too many people/kids around nobody gets hurt and we all leave with smiles. but . . .maybe just one more burnout. This is a small sample of what I photographed Sunday in no particular order.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Art best served with a bit of Lemon

The Youngstown art scene took another step up and in the right direction. The Lemon Grove in downtown Youngstown introduced us(a full house) to their new gallery space with a great show curated and including work by Jimmy Hagan, along with work by James Pernotto, Leslie Cusano and a few other talents whose names escape me and I do apologize to you all. The work was wonderfully exhibited and the atmosphere was electric. Heard from a reliable source today that eight pieces were sold last night, bravo art lovers! Onward and upward Youngstown! Great job by Jacob and everyone at the Lemon Grove for putting on a great event.