Sunday, December 6, 2009

Its Christmas Time in the YO!

Nothing like a parade in the city!
Especially in this city,
Another sign of positive change and a long overdue event that is but another small thing that benefits us all in big ways.

Parades happen all over the country this time of year.
but in this city it had a sense, in my humble opinion, of healing and togetherness that we all need. Just a fantastic way to bring us together and share an afternoon of family and friends and of course Santa too!

I can hear BUFF'S joyful laugh just by looking at this image of her, Pugslee(her car) and the wonderful folks from the Oakland Center for the Arts!!

Roman gets his close up!

You got to love that smile!

The ubiquitous and ever lovely Ms. Brooke Slanina,
The Oakland Center for the Arts Pres.
By the way, Another great Christmas show at the Oakland. Go see it
before it's too late. Another fantastic job Mr. Joki!


Santa and the Mrs. roll into the YO.
in style!

Adrian and Isabella get their moment with Santa!

Jes Arnold, I had more humorous shots of you Jes but I tried to take
it easy on you. Great to see you and Adrian as always!

Sterling! I forget your last name but what a beautiful voice!
His singing captivated everyone there!

Our Mayor Jay Williams gets ready to light our tree!