Thursday, June 25, 2009

Creativity on two wheels

This post is but one more example of the creativity and ingenuity alive and a$$kickin in the YO. It pains me that I dont know Josh's last name and really only met him once but I have encountered "the bikes" several times throughout Youngstown. From what I know to this point these incredible bicylces are creations of his and just one of his creative outlets. If you know Josh please let him know of this blog. I would like to do him proper justice and photograph these creations more intensivley and better tell the story of how they came to be. It is people like him and his friends who ride these "things" that give the YO some flavor it is in need of. More later.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I have added a few images and some information to this post as I have edited through the images I shot that weekend. The image below of the Edwards Flowers 1947 Ford is an older image shot in Warren,OH at the Packard show. I got to meet the owner and even sold a few prints to him. Thanks! I just love the vehicle and the colors made for a great shot against the blue sky.

If your into cars in any shape or form and you didnt' travel to Salem this weekend for the Super-Nationals, Officially held at Quaker City Drag strip, you missed a damn good time. The real party/cruise in atmosphere was in downtown Salem. Cars and people from all walks of life enjoyed three days of classic cars from true blue hot rods to import tuners, you name it every taste had a sample to feast on. In my humble opinion I had it best, my booth was set up on the corner of Ellsworth rd.(rt.45) and State st. in the center of the action. In this particular parking lot I was lucky enough to be joined by some of the best of what car culture has to offer. The ROAD HOUNDS of Howland, OH are a car club unlike most. For them its not about $10,000 paint jobs or pristine powder coated everything. Its about raw creativity and love for traditional hot rods in the truest sense of the term. Every car that I photographed and believe me I like to photograph them all but The ROAD HOUNDS are truly a breed apart! Their cars are or may never be completed or done. These cars are or seem to be constant works in progress. The creativity is endless and ingenious to say the least. I may be a bit biased and let me be brief in explaining why. My father passed away in 2000 and shortly after that I received a newspaper article with a photo of a group of young guys who formed a car club in Howland,OH back in the 50's The ROAD HOUNDS of Howland. My dad was in that club photo, Yes this is the same club alive and kickin today revitalized by a new generation of hot rod freaks/traditionalists/obsessive/passionate car guys or families is a better way to explain it. This is more than just some guys and their cars, its wives and children, a community who are passionate about what the do. Forgive me if I forget a name or leave someone out of this post, I will add many images to this post in the next few days simply because you have to see it to begin to get a grasp of the passion and creativity involved and if you dont like their take on hot rodding I don't think they would really give a shit anyway. IT IS WHAT IT IS!

These images of Shanes car illustrate an intense creative obsession with car culture. If you look at his headliner it is covered in old "pinup girl" mags. Beyond cool. The interior door skins are covered in car mags, pinstripers adds, and unique imagery. Even the footwell is plastered with imagery. He had a name for the images in the footwell, forgive me if I cant recall but the images are of Johnny Cash, James Dean, Elvis, Marilyn, Hank Williams. His title was something to do with dead folks.

The image above is the core of what its all about ,driving and riding, not in some minnie van, but in style with style.

These first few images are of the first ROAD HOUND Hot Rod that I was lucky enough to witness. Funny how some things become unimportant or over-looked when your overwhelmed by what a creative mind can do. These first 11 images are of Shane's car, like I just said overwhelmed, I dont even know his last name and you know it really wasnt' important, it was about the cars and that fact that the image above was from a ride he took me on and that I became a 10yr. old boy for a minute and was just silent trying to soak it in. There is nothing like cruisin down the road in a car like that with the streets lined with people with the looks on their faces was priceless. Experiences like that keep your head on straight, its simple raw fun, no text messaging, no twitting. Its as real as it gets! no virtual BS here. It is sensory overload, sound, smell, sights and the feelings of a V8 rumbling, shaking through you from your butt up through your spine out the top of your head, XBOX aint got shit on a ride with a ROAD HOUND! I think more kids need to drop the controller once in a while and go for a ride in a Hot Rod.

The purse above is held by Shanes wife, Channa. Yes, Shane made the purse and a few others like it. Total kustom Hot Rod fashion accessory. Perhaps a new product line?

This image above is what its all about, a ride in a cool ride with the family and friends on board just cruisin with an old eastsider from the YO.

One of the sweetest VW'S I've seen, Shane, who doubted that I wouldnt' photograph the bottle caps? I mean bottle caps! who thinks of that? That is pure imaginative creativity and a bit of beer drinkin to.

Those of you in the know already know of the pinstriping work done on most if not all of the cars in this post. If your not aware, get aware of a local artist who does some incredible work. J-BIRD Studios in Cortland,oh aka Jeremy, is just another example of the talented artists from northeast Ohio. The guy just has it down,lettering,pinstriping, art period. Go check out his manniquins on myspace, too frickin cool. Yeah he is a hell of an oil painter to, Im still trying to get the funds to get a painting he did of Barney Oldfield off of him!