Sunday, November 15, 2009

Building momentum: Ways to get through winter.

It feels like fall around here lately, we, here in northeast Ohio are usually knee deep in snow and arctic temps by now. Last year at this time we had seen 17 inches of snow hit the ground already but I digress. I am not here to talk weather. Its more about how I spend my winter months when going outside is a bit of a challenge. I usually try to be as productive as possible down in my studio. I like to use this time of year producing as much work as possible. For some reason the ideas really flow when you put yourself in the frame of mind that this is my time to push myself to work as often as possible and really build momentum to develop new work and generate new possibilities. I love this time of year!

So this is the first work begun a couple weeks ago just to get the juices flowing. I began with motorsport imagery as my raw material(big surprise) simply because I have hundreds of older prints to choose from right here at hand. I havent' done a mosaic in sometime and love the process and how it really aids in idea-generating for other future works while involved in the current piece.This is were the magic happens! Not really but it sounds so cool no?

I begin with a design drawn out on paper and the imagery is basically used as color or texture.

There is some representational parts put together but I enjoy using my photography in many differing ways. Nothing earth shattering here just a fun way to utilize my images. I tend to get bored with single prints framed and matted. Dont get me wrong I love photography in many many ways but my creative gut is always telling me to push beyond that single image and how it is used.

Raw material pulled from the archives! I love looking at photos and working with mosaics forces me to look at them in a different and challenging way. The are not merely images of racecars they are the paint of my pallette.

Notice the pieces of old contact sheets. To all my photog friends: when was the last time you used or made a contact/proof sheet.
Funny how things evolve in our digital age.

Sometimes when I am working I am lucky to have free entertainment provided by my two most favorite people, Anthony and Isabella play spin around the pole to learn about equilibrium.

Finished on Saturday. Good , good! Already have ideas for the next piece in my head and on the sketchbook pages. Since music is a big part of my creative process I think the next piece will use images of a musical nature. Time to edit through my band and musician images for more raw material. Its going to be a very productive winter. Sorry for the delay in posts, I will be posting more often as things progress.