Monday, October 19, 2009

MONA LISA Mosaic Unveiled in Niles,OH

On Sunday evening Oct.18 there was an unveiling of an absolutely beautiful work of art at the Eastwood mall. A large crowd gathered in anticipation of this event. Beautiful music resonating through the area by Eduardo and Heather Mandujano along with Margaret Jones and Nathan stephens helped to transform the room. The artists and friends crowded into the viewing area all staring at the looming black curtain raised twenty feet into the air. As the curtain came down you or maybe just I could hear and feel the air leave the room for a second as everyone took a deep breath.

Sue Jacobs, The director of this project deserves a mountain of credit. To bring 70 artists together and coordinate all that had to be done was no simple task.

This mosaic work is but another beautiful example of the multitude of artistic talent
right here in the Mahoning Valley! As you take a closer look at each panel it is plain to see
that there is no real need to travel to far away places to get that unique work of art to hang in your home or business. I feel an urge to state first that it was a joy to be a part of such a great
project. Second, tell anyone and everyone to stop and think for a moment before you buy that generic picture from a chain store and go find a local artist and support those right in your home town! All of the artists involved in this project can be reached through

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009 PEACE RACE Images

This was the first time I photographed the Peace Race. Surprising how many people I knew as the went past. I had a great view as the runners came towards me along Glacier Lake in Millcreek Park. Surprising how fast the leaders were moving. The top twenty or so were really going for it. Very cool to see the variety of participants. Some seemed a million miles away in deep concentration as they went along the lake. Others were having fun, laughing, saying hello to friends rooting them on. If you see someone you know contact me and we' can get them a print. I have many more not posted here, contact me if you want to see more. This guy won for best shirt, that's why he is the first image!

These two ladies almost posed for me as they came by, they were definitely enjoying themselves.

You got to love that determination on this woman's face as she approaches the finish.

The solitude of running.