Monday, September 28, 2009

A Rust Belt Send Off To Summer: The Artists Of the Rustbelt welcome fall with another great celebration of the arts!

Another great showing of the talent that we rustbelt folks have among us was showcased in Youngstown,OH at the wonderful B+O Station. It may have had a bit of that wet stuff that falls from the sky but the sun came out and a beautiful day was granted to anyone who attended. I even saw Youngstown's Mayor Williams, VERY COOL, that he could make some time for a visit.
Yeah, You may have needed an umbrella for a minute but like the people from 'round here the artists and attendees toughed it out. These pieces here are work from the man responsible for the festival, that's Daniel Horne below selling his beautiful work.

The beautiful B+O Station, what rain?

Artist of many talents, Bill Youngman peddles one of his newest works to a happy customer.
Bill has made these sketchbooks from reclaimed paper, old record album covers and even the records them selves as covers for the books, very,very cool stuff!! All the books are hand bound by Bill. Did I say they were cool?

Above are some examples of Bill's sketchbooks. He also had his usual works for sale as well, His Idora park screen prints and t-shirts along with hand made soaps that he and the lovely Jess Arnold create. He is just one of the many artists who need a permanent outlet to offer their works here in the YO!

James Rogers made this lovely little creature and has many interesting relatives of this kind.
Cool little monsters.

The beautiful work of Jeffery Puccini

Mary Farragher-Evans offering her fantastic work while Gary Angelo the arts/entertainment writer for the Jambar poses for a shot. Is that a rustbelt brew in his hand?

The view of the bar in the B+O from upstairs.

This very cool India ink drawing was done by Jacob Hostetler. He also had many others and plenty of paintings (sample below) showcasing his talents. He also is about to open
PSST!!ARTS & CRAFTS in Warren at 169 West Market st. on Oct.1,09.
For more

This work is by Scott Pergande a staple of the Youngstown art community.
More samples below of some very beautiful and interesting wall ornaments and candle holders. fascinating work!

This t-shirt design along with many others were done by Graphic designer
Justin Haines, very cool designs, for

Another very talented designer, Joseph Zappa, from Masury,OH had some very nice t-shirt designs and some beautiful screenprints done on reclaimed wood/canvas and paper. Really good stuff. You can contact him for his work at:

Free hotdogs anyone? This grill/fire pit is made by Matt Skillman of
OHIO FLAME. He offers several sizes and you can have them painted as well.
These are very well constructed fire pits, no flimsy foreign designs here, American steel made by American hands. OHIO FLAME can be found at and on facebook at ohioflame.

A happy festival go'er enjoys the day with her grandpa Jim.

These ladies are enjoying the work of one of Youngstown's best photographers.
Pat Hylands images of the natural world are breathtaking works that draw you right in.

That's Pat enjoying a moment with Demarla Guffy a big supporter of the arts in the Mahoning valley.

Kerri Rickard(spelling) enjoys a moment at the festival or just thinks Iam that funny, looking.

Hanging at the bar in the B+O Station.

Joanne Starkey shows off some of her own work while enjoying the day with her husband.
Do go check her work out at
some very cool headbands and bottlecap necklaces, bracelets made from guitar pics.

This cute young lady was happy to pose for a shot with her
brother while they enjoyed the festival.

An old friend, Jim Forgac and his wife Barb grab some food from a vendor. Sometimes known as grandpa Jim (earlier shot here).

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Serving up Lemonade at The Lemon Grove: Sat. night in the YO.

You've all heard the story about what you do when life hands you lemons right? Well "The Lemon Grove" in the heart of downtown Youngstown, OH is helping to turn the downtown into an oasis of entertainment, lemonade included! Saturday night my wife and I enjoyed a fantastic funky jazzy band that rocked the place with a variety of soulful jazz and some classic R+B. They had everyone in the place stomping a foot to the beat or shakin it on the dance floor.

My dear friend Robyn Maas and friends came down to help us enjoy the evening, yeah thats her staring off at the goins on!

Rob got a new iphone, "let me take your picture"

smooth sounds eminating from the Grove!

Forgive me for not remembering the name of the band and send me the info if you know them but they were all extremely talented musicians. I was standing outside the front door photogrpahing the drummer at work. He was incredible to watch!

The sax player made his way through the whole place while giving us a fantastic example of his talent! just too fun and very cool stuff. He got everyone involved!

I feel a need to explain a bit about what it is I do here. I am not a reporter, some names are not included and the whole story may not be told immediatly. I photograph what I like how I like. If there is any intent, it is to showcase happenings that help to illustrate what is good and positive in Youngstown,OH. The city with a rapidly evolving new identity.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The ROAD HOUNDS CAR CLUB: Showing how its done!

LOOK OUT! Them damn ROAD HOUNDS did it again, and they definitely did it how only they could do it. A couple months ago I was lucky enough to be invited to set up my little photo booth at this carshow they were putting together. I thought when asked , cool, Good people, should be a good time. Once again I underestimated them damn ROAD HOUNDS again. This car club is unlike most clubs I have been around. This show was the 2nd annual PAPA BRUCE'S DONUT JAMBOREE, a show with a great cause to benefit the Fairhaven Foundation in Niles,OH. and the Special Olympics. All done in memory of Jamie Bunker. Like I said before, this car club is something special. Not only do they illustrate a unique passion for automobiles but they also have big hearts and really show compassion for others and if you don't like it, they don't really care. Like what Jeff (and I don't know his last name) said during the show about his neighbors and the fact that they may do some burnouts in the street as people leave the show, "if they don't like it, well we're gonna do it anyway!" Nothing personal! Don't get me wrong these guys aren't a bunch of careless gearheads, they are kindhearted, caring, respectful gearheads!

I can still smell the rubber burning, aahh, love that sh!t!

The Guy in this image is Papa Bruce, a ROAD HOUND to the core!
The girl in the foreground was taking his photo and If you don't know me I am always looking for a different perspective for my photo, her shirt was made for the show and I thought would make a neat shot of Bruce and the shirt design(created by J-Bird,I'll get to him later) together.

I am not sure how to describe Jeff, the MC for the day, the organizer of the show, of which I am sure he had plenty of help. Just another ROAD HOUND and a truly good guy.

PBR has many uses.

Yeah, another shot of Shane's car, just using it as a bit of dressing for the wide shot. cant get away from that damn car! Just rolling art ya know!

A beautifully restored Triumph and the Gentleman who did the work and took home a trophy!

Doesn't' get any better than this, going for a ride in a hotrod!

This guy here is one of them ROAD HOUNDS to. But he like most members, is so much more!
He is perhaps one of the best pinstriper/painter/artists I have met. Jeremy runs J-BIRD STUDIOS in Cortland,OH he is truly a talented artist. Some of his oil paintings are incredible works of art. I could be exaggerating a bit but I think he striped or painted most of the cars that were at this show. He is one of many artists from northeast Ohio that needs to be exposed to a bigger audience.

Jeremy's palette, and a PBR as well.

Another car that took home a trophy! A bad little car!

Just a ROAD HOUND and his ride!

Shane built this last year for his son. How cool is that.
The Rusty B , What's that "B" stand for Shane?

This next series of images is of the trophies. . . ROAD HOUND style!

There were a few people involved in creating these works of art. Of course Jeremy was
involved. They could have easily went out and bought some cheese trophies and passed em out like most cars shows will do. BUT this is the ROAD HOUNDS and they put their touch and thought and love into EVERYTHING!

I mean, come on! who else makes trophies like this?

Look at this import trophy, Chinese carryout box,chop stix, fortune cookie,
Them damn ROAD HOUNDS think of everything! too cool!

Ever got a best paint trophy that was a Binks spray gun?
Like I said before, who thinks of stuff like that. . .

These piston trophies are from a very expensive drag engine, forgive me for not remembering who gave them to the club to use but I know they are worth a sizable chunk of cash!

Quit sneaking up on me Tony!
This guy look intimadating? As my family and I were leaving he and his son come over and they give my kids a bag full of toys, just stuff they were passing out as door prizes for kids attending he didnt have to do that but he did. It wasnt' one or two small toys, a bag full!
People say our world has changed, that nobody cares about each other or respects one another.
I beg to differ, I have found some people who, when you talk of the good in this world they are a big part of it.

A very cool bike, look close its no HD, its Hardly a bobber!
Another trophy winner!

A very cool stretch job.