Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Rough Week!

A bit sarcastic to say the least. My title for this post, that is. I have way too many images to try and post today but this is a start. A first family vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, with some good friends adds up to a beautiful time had by all. A real rough week!
Like I said rough when this is 50 yds. from your door.
See how tuff my wife had it, I dont know how she did it all week.

Just a mere beach rental, too nice!

Lucky doesnt say enough, when this is the view out my bedroom. Do you think it was easy to leave?

Isabella, busted by spy cam eating chocolate cake for breakfast. It was her birthday cake, who could blame her.

Strolling down hundreds of yards of beach without a soul on it but us.

Taking in a wonderous view. this is how you see me in most photos. Just a shadow.

Andrzej, thats Polish for Andrew, our friends son enjoying our first visit to the beach.

Mrs. Labedz, stunner shades and a shocking pink, pulled off
quite well as usual.

Like I said before miles of beach all to our selves, too cool.

This is what vacations are all about! fun, fun and then more fun.

Of course we found an art festival, great metal works, but I know a few guys
from the YO. who cut it bend it and burn it with the best of em.

Very cool, the artist in the background made these "jellyfish" out of
a military helmet and various other metal things. very cool wind chimes.

I found this spider web on the back deck. the interesting thing was that our house was so cool
inside that when I brought my camera outside the 85 degree morning heat made condensation on the lens so I went with it to see the effects.

Corrolla Light house.

Isabella and Terri get creative with their seashell collection.

Exploring the wetland preserve fun at 90 degrees and 80%
humidity, I was sweating in places I didnt know could sweat. still fun though!

Birthday cake for Isabella's 6th. perhaps a tradition on the obx.

Dont look now but I am in a photo or is that just my head photoshopped in.

Hi Andrew, bye Andrew.
By friday the surf was getting big thanks to "BILL"
Andrew is at least 6'6" you tell me how big the wave is.

Sunset on the sound side. So long till next summer.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thunder Over the Valley: a Thunderous Success!

I must begin this post with a huge thank you and a job well done by everyone at the 910th and all the other service women and men who had a part in making this weekends event a glorifying success! From the top on down to the airmen giving my family and I and many others free bottled water on our way to the buses to leave on Sunday, Thank you for reminding us how lucky we Americans are! For me it was an emotional weekend, Thoughts of my late uncle, Ray Iezzi who brought his son and myself to the 910th base many years ago so two young boys could have some fun. My uncle Ray was there this weekend I'm sure. He had many friends on base who let us have too much fun and the last time the Thunderbirds were here he made sure we met them all. Memories I will never forget. You see that look in my daughters eyes and the smile on my wifes face on our bus ride to the base, thats what its all about.
My wife gets her security check, she is a dangerous woman!

My nephew PFC. Coman reporting for duty!

Sunday was a scorcher, everyone found shade were the could.
even under a warthog A-10.

There was even a ghost sighting on base.

Most impressive size of the C-5 Galaxy cargo plane. truly amazing, and great cover from the rain on Sat.

A rare sighting.

Perhaps one of the most noticable changes in our world today. 20 years ago you didnt see a single fire arm unless it was a police officer. Our world has changed.

Some Marines strike a pose!
I must thank again whom ever was invloved with this events planning. The parking situation was great, State troopers, bus drivers, people parking cars, every aspect went smoothly in my opinion.

First and foremost this blog is about photography.
Technically, photographing this airshow, like any other photo op. you have to adapt to the circumstances available to you, weather, light, location, etc.
My only issue was that every image of aircraft in the sky was hindered by the fact that the sun was behind the subject,backlit basically. Which gives you a much flatter image in terms of contrast and color saturation. A small thing perhaps but to photo-addicts like myself, all day I was thinking how can I get to the far side of the airfield so the sun would be behind me.
Never satisfied. Always seeking a better/different perspective. One thing airshows do bring out is plenty of photographers and everyone who owns a camera. very cool. Even in todays virtual high speed, wifi world the "still" image carries weight. it is and always will be the way for us to capture memories.
How many stories have you heard of people who lose or are , due to emergency circumstances about to lose, all they own, they run into a flooding house or in a hurry to pack what the can save before the storm hits. What is one of the things they grab or are sad they lost. The family photo album! it is still our record of things past, our story of our family, our history. Yes photography is a powerful thing.